Wanda Coleman

Today’s sonnet is from a series called “American Sonnets” by Wanda Coleman, that was later echoed by Terrance Hayes. I’ll publish one of his next week.  (Photo credit: Susan Carpendale)

American Sonnet 5

rusted busted and dusted

the spurious chain of plebeian events

which allows who to claim the largest number of homicides
the largest number of deaths by cancer the largest
number of institutionalized men the largest number of
single female heads of household the largest number of
crimes of possession the largest number of functionally
insane the largest number of consumers of dark rum

preoccupied with perfecting plans of escape

see you later alligator
after while crocodile
after supper muthafucka

Wanda Coleman

One thought on “Wanda Coleman

  1. An stark reminder of the statistics, and a soul-stirring poem, for sure.

    Gotta spend some time with the implications of this one.


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