Video & Audio

Poets for Science reading with Forrest Gander, Kimiko Hahn, Jane Hirshfield & Meryl Natchez (there are about 12 minutes of introduction)

Poetry Flash reading with Dean Rader at Art house. Reading starts at about minute 7:30.

An online Salon, hosted by Marin Poetry Center & Mill Valley Library:







A reading and conversation with Jane Hirshfield sponsored by Osher Marin JCC and Marin Poetry Center. This video unfortunately doesn’t start at the beginning, but about half of our hour together: Recorded here




Performing and reading from Catwalk with the marvelous Marquis Engle as part of Virtual Art in the Park:

Three sessions of Partners in Confinement, hosted by Meryl Natchez. Click on the banners to watch.



Radio interview with Dion O’Reilly, the Hive







Natchez rerading from Catwalk, from

Copperfield’s reading with Heather Altfeld, Troy Jollimore and Terry Lucas (note: you have to “register” after selecting the link)

The link below takes you to a video of a presentation on Poetry, Memory and Tyranny with Jacob Howland at the University of Tulsa. There is an eight minute introduction which you might want to skip.  Select the URL below and start at minute 8: