A sign and a statue

Walking around the streets of New York City is such a pleasure. Here is my favorite sign,  from in front of Whole Foods in Union Square:

I told him I’d post this.  Be sure to text if you’re interested.

And here’s a photo from our one ticketed event.  We walked up the scaffold built around the statue of Columbus in Columbus Circle, and sat in the living room constructed as an art installation around the statue. It was a perfect living room, wallpaper, wood floor with throw rugs, couches, a TV, books on the shelves, and today’s NY Times. In the center, there’s the statue of Columbus.

This installation was created by Tatzu Nishi, funded by the Public Art Fund, and called “Discovering Columbus.” It was more aptly “Discovering the oddity of having a statue of Columbus in a living room 75 feet above Columbus Circle.”  But it was fun.

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