Bouquets to Art

For one week in the spring, the De Young Museum is transformed into a unique floral event, one in which florists from the greater Bay Area are invited to represent a piece of art with a floral creation. Florists select their first, second and third choices, but may get a piece they didn’t bargain on–and then they try to capture something of the piece they are assigned with their floral creation.  Some mimic the art, some capture an image, and some just seem to be like a jazz riff.

There’s something magical about the pairing, although the art itself gets short shrift.The floral creations are the focus. And the show is so popular that it’s not a good time to wander the galleries and appreciate the collections.

I felt a special sympathy for whoever got assigned Claes Oldenburg’s Yellow Ice Bag.  What are you going to do with that?  I thought what they came up with was pretty terrific–tulips and an oxygen tank. They got the shape, the color, and the industrial edge.

This is the third or fourth year I’ve gone.  This year, the exhibit goes through March 17th.  It’s crowded but worth the trouble.  I recommend heading over to Clement or Geary to eat, however!

Here are a few other favorites  from this year:



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