Sad, jailed piano

From my morning walk in Venice–a photo:

And in sympathy, all the normally white parts of my computer screen, like this page, have turned florescent pink.  Blog posting will be suspended while I seek expert help.

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  1. Not sure what sort of computer you’re talking about. if it’s a laptop screen, you’re probably in trouble and it’s time to replace.

    If it’s a desktop with a CRT monitor, you might have a problem with the monitor cable, with one of the internal electron guns that lights the green phosphors, or with the video card.

    The same might be true if you have a VGA cord to an LCD monitor except for the electron gun thing (that’s a CRT only).

    The usual cause of fluorescent pink (technically magenta) is that the signal that carries the green color information is not being received properly by the monitor (RGB – G = magenta), or the monitor itself is no longer able to display that signal (due to age/damage to electron gun or internal circuitry problems).

    Debugging procedure:
    1) Get a different monitor cable, does this fix the problem (bad cable).
    2) If not, get a different monitor, does that solve the problem (bad monitor).
    3) Replace video card, does this solve the problem (bad video card).
    4) Other options are to switch from analog VGA signal to digital (DVI/HDMI) signal from the video card to the monitor. This only works if you have two outputs on your video card, and you’ve got an LCD monitor that will accept digital but you happen to be using VGA instead.

    If still in doubt, consult youngest offspring.

    1. Thanks so much, Dan. I especially appreciate the troubleshooting procedure. Sadly, it is my MacAir laptop, and I think it will need replacing. I’m taking it down to the “genius bar” tomorrow.

    2. The good news is, it isn’t the display, it has something to do with the hinge on the “clamshell” that holds the screen, so the display doesn’t show properly. As this is a known “quality issue,” Apple may replace it for free. But it will be a week till I get it back.

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