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Today is our last morning in Eastern Europe, but I have several days worth of posts to continue. This one, our day in Kazimierz, the old Jewish section of Krakow. This area seems very lively and energized, with youth hostels competing with museums and ancient synagogues, There is a square with dozens of restaurants stretching between one old synagogue and another. Here are a few shots–one each from the synagogues:

IMG_1870 IMG_1871

We happened onto a lovely Klezmer band on the sunny afternoon in Kazimierz, and sat down in an outdoor cafe to listen.




The clarinet player especially was amazing. I bought their CD and will upload a tune when I get home. And here is the amazing dessert I was served while we listened, topped with spun, caramelized sugar, sort of adult cotton candy.

IMG_1876On the way back, coffee at the Singer Cafe, where each table is an old treadle machine.IMG_1863

Singer must had had a huge presence in Europe as their former headquarters is a remarkable building in St. Petersburg, now a bookstore and cafe, and I’ve seen several of these Singer Cafes.

I very much love the pedestrian nature of Krakow and Prague. Lots of broad pedestrian walkways, large, car-free squares, and an intelligent mingling of sidewalk and bike lane.IMG_1869

Not to mention the option of eating goose gizzard or grilled ham hock:



We weren’t adventurous enough for the goose gizzard, but Larry did eat a ham hock at the open market and pronounced it delicious.

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