Master of the ordinary

We met up with friends here for a few days, and have been wandering a bit together. One of them at lunch said that he was the “master of the ordinary,” because of his appreciation of street life. I know what he means–a certain delight in the everyday just because it’s a little different than the everyday at home. So here are a few more street scenes from Prague, starting with yet another sidewalk sweeper, and a bike outside a shop.IMG_1818

IMG_1819I love the way the fender is attached.  Those are little hooks to pieces of brown elastic, like mini bungee cords. Here is one of the old buildings with a contraption to bring roofing materials or other construction materials up to the top.
IMG_1816A more robust version of the same type of apparatus:





















Here’s a look at what’s underneath those beautiful stone facades:
IMG_1811A street mural with Mozart, car, and skeleton:

An ordinary door around Prague:
IMG_1812One of Prague’s several rail stations:
rail station

Fruit for sale at the market (about $2.50 for the berries):
fruitAnd anywhere tourists gather, music for donation. This band was dressed in robes and called itself The Bohemian Bards. What was fun about them was watching them strip off their robes unbuckle the big skirts ad emerge in jeans and T-shirts afterwards.







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