A late summer recipe

IMG_2949Looking at a row of jars of freshly made jam is a summer pleasure. Especially when the jam is such a lovely golden color. Each year, with pears from my friend’s tree, I make this simple and delicious recipe. The whole thing can be made in a food processor. The citrus cuts the sugar, and the ginger adds spice. Don’t stir much, and don’t overcook, the jam is done just as the pears turn translucent.

IMG_2951Mother’s Ginger Pear

4 lbs pears
1 1/2 oranges
1 small lemon
1 2/3 lb sugar
1/4 lb ginger
2 cinnamon sticks

With the chopping blade of the food processor, grind the orange and lemon. Peel the ginger and grate it with the grating blade. Put these and the cinnamon sticks in a large bowl or the pot you will cook the jam in. Peel and quarter the pears into a bowl of cold slightly salted water to keep them from turning brown. Slice them with the thin slicing blade of the food processor and add them to the citrus and spices. Add the sugar and stir gently till mixed. Let stand 24 hours. Cook over moderate heat with the occasional gentle stir till the pears clarify–this takes about 30 minutes. If you cook too long, the pears turn brown. They still taste great, but you lose that great golden color. Put into jars and seal in a water bath for 10 min.

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