Desultory Saturday

A friend asked that I post more recipes, and this morning I made one of my basic breakfast variations–so delicious.

You may not be able to go out and pick greens from your garden, but any greens will do. In my case I picked baby broccolini and my only two asparagus stalks, sautéed onions and garlic, added herbs, and fried an egg on top with a little cheddar cheese. For crunch I used a little leftover brown rice. To get the egg to set before the vegetables burn, I just cover the pan for a minute or two.After breakfast, I moved the five three-week-old baby chicks to their outdoor brooder, freeing my office from their peeps and dust. Then I looked through an early letterpress book, Triada, from Copper Canyon founder Sam Hamill, beautiful printing and paper. I am sure that when we moved from calligraphed scrolls to print, readers also felt that reading was not so aesthetically pleasing as it used to be, and this is how I felt turning those pages. Though I didn’t think too much of the poems, their imagery was certainly heightened by the presentation. Larry bought the book for his fine print collection after reading Sam Hamill’s obituary.

Now to some serious reading and writing then off to swim. I told someone yesterday that retirement is like being a hippie with some money!


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