Snails to escargots

LilawSnails One morning, my granddaughter gathered 21 good size snails from the garden. When I commented that these are the same snails they broil for escargots in France, she was adamant that we try this.

So we fed them on cornmeal and lettuce for two days. Then we washed them.washed snails






broiled snails

Then we cooked them up. One recipe called for broiling them with white wine, butter, garlic and thyme. Here they are, ready to be put on their little pieces of toast. Really, I didn’t think they were that great.

But one recipe called for mincing them with those ingredients and mushrooms, then stuffing the mix into the mushrooms. We liked that one best. In fact, we ate them all before I took a photo, but they looked like this:

escargot with mushrooms_optLila ate both kinds, and my garden was grateful!

5 thoughts on “Snails to escargots

  1. I’m glad you drew a veil over parts of this process! Sad to say the people that lived here before us must have used lots of poisons in the garden…I’ve never seen a single snail here. I did do a “scientific” experiment with snails in elementary school. Collected snails from the neighbors (I had an aquarium filled with them); painted a dab of nail polish on their shells, let them go, and then diagrammed their progress through the back yard…. can’t remember the results.

  2. Nice inter-generational, scientific, gastronomic snail experiment!
    You two seem to have a lot of fun together.
    Cheers to Science and Love!

      1. NO! what is wrong with me? I will tear this computer to shreds before I give up on this present mission.
        Sometimes when I lose something, I look for it very fast and shallow almost as if I have already given up.
        Not today!

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