The newest addition to my cooking

We have been following the advice of Dr. Cowan for almost 10 years now, ever since Larry came down with several mysterious and serious health issues in 2009. Dr. Cowan was the only one who came up with a coherent narrative as to the underlying cause and his prescription, which was diet change and supplements, was effective. Larry is in excellent health, and our diet focuses on fresh vegetables, grass fed and organic meat, fish, and fruit. Of course, we don’t exclude the occasional almond croissant!

Recently, Dr. Cowan came up with an easy way to add a variety of healthy vegetables to your food, a set of intense, organic vegetable powders.

A teaspoon or so in soups, stews, eggs, oatmeal, and you not only up your vegetable intake and variety without any prep time, they also add little bursts of flavor. They come in special jars that retain all the nutritional value of the powders over time.

Copy and paste this link and use the code DRCOWANSGARDEN at checkout to get 15% off your order:

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I get credit for my next order, too. I’ve never promoted a product here before, but this one is really worth trying. They are expensive, but so worth it!

I had friends over for breakfast the other day, and made fried eggs with greens with a little of the three-beet powder and leek powder added. Everyone was amazed at the complexity of the flavor of the eggs.

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