Coral Bracho

Coral Bracho 7It’s not quite Monday, but I’ve been reading Forrest Gander’s splendid translations of Coral Bracho, a Mexican poet. The book is worth reading just for the introduction, but the poems are, well, rapturous might be the adjective I’m looking for.  Here’s a short sample, in Spanish and English:

En la entraña del tiempo

El tiempo cede
y entreabre
su delicada profundidad. (puertas
que unas a otras se protegen; que unas en otras entran;
rastro de mar.) Un otoño
de leños y hojarascas. En su fondo:
La espesura translúcida del placer; sus hiedras íntimas:
foliaciones de luz: Fuego que enraíza en el metal florecido,
y un musgo fino,

*          *         *

In Time’s Core

Time relents
and bares, ever
so slightly, its elusive depths. (Doors
safeguarding other doors; opening one into another;
vestiges of ocean) An autumn
of logs and leaf piles. At its core:
The translucent thicket of pleasure; it’s intimate ivies:
foliate light: Fire rooted to budding metal,
and a delicate moss,

from Firefly Under the Tongue, the Selected Poems of Coral Bracho, translated by Forrest Gander, a book worth owning!


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