The other poem…

Yesterday’s event at Britt Marie’s was just what a poetry event should be, short, varied, lively, moving and fun. The small wine bar was full to overflowing and the audience seemed to enjoy the poems. I know I enjoyed the other two poets’ work (Amanda Moore and Barbara Reynolds).  I hope to post a sample next week. But for now, here is the other poem that was considered not appropriate for a restaurant (because of the rape and pillage):

Two-step starting with a grapefruit

His rape and pillage
to my delicate evisceration.
His silence
to my effusion.
His eye roll
to my “let’s talk.”
to his ESPN.
My Tarot
to his spreadsheet.
My flash of lace
to his flap of cotton.
His torque
to my rack and pinion.
Hip pad
to hip bone
skin against skin
and laundered
and tumbled dry.

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