Transformation Monday

Optimized-falkirk_interior_oneI went to a poetry reading at the lovely Falkirk House, sponsored by the Marin Poetry Center. It was a reading entitled Poetry and Spirituality, featuring my friend and fellow Squaw attendee, Christina Hutchins, and a woman I hadn’t known before, Kim Rosen. Kim recited an Easter Poem that caught my imagination. Here it is:

In Impossible Darkness

Do you know how
the caterpillar

Do you remember
what happens
inside a cocoon?

You liquefy.

There in the thick black
of your self-spun womb,
void as the moon before waxing,

you melt

(as Christ did
for three days
in the tomb)

in impossible darkness
the sheer
of wings.

Kim Rosen

Kim is a great advocate of memorizing and reciting poems, a practice I find not only enriching, but useful when (for example) you are waiting without a book on a long line., or having trouble sleeping. I have a library I can recite to myself–so delicious! I plan to add Kim’s poem to my repertoire.

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