Degrees of green

nissan leaf eI was feeling pretty ecologically minded the other day–big garden, compost, chickens, solar panels on the house, and a new-to-me pre-owned (there’s an adjective for you!) electric Nissan Leaf, just purchased. You plug it in. No gas. Zero emissions–a new way to think about driving. I had to get educated.

But then I went to an event and a woman there told me she had decided to have no plastic in her house. I began thinking about all the plastic I use–it would be almost impossible for me to totally eliminate plastic. I was thinking about it as I unwrapped toilet paper from it’s plastic wrap or the plastic box of organic mushrooms, not to mention plastic mouse, iPhone plug, etc., or the fact that I’d get zero cooperation from Larry.  So I guess you just do the best you can inside your own comfort zone and hope that we will survive.

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