Morning cup of joe…

This morning, Larry read me a terrific column by David Brooks, The Credit Illusion, about who gets credit for personal achievements. Really, it was more of a philosophical essay on the stages of maturity–I don’t think Nietzsche could have done it any better.

Larry prefaced the reading by saying, “Those of us who read the news and watch TV know there has been a big brouhaha about Obama’s saying that individuals don’t deserve credit for their achievements as much as the government and the society that make them possible.” This was a little dig, as I don’t read or listen to news–I prefer mine filtered through Larry.

After breakfast, Larry let showed me the camera-ready copy of the art book he is publishing through hit & run press to accompany upcoming shows of Roberto Chavez’ work. You may remember we saw his exhibit at the Autry a few months ago. We’ve known Roberto for over 30 years, and it was a bit of a shock to look through the amazing selection of his work and recognize the extent of his talent. Mostly, when you know someone on a daily basis, you don’t really think of them as a genius. Yes, Roberto always has a pen or pencil in hand, creating amazing sketches. Yes, he has some marvelous work, and I’ve appreciated it through the years. But to see the book as a whole was staggering. His talent is so enormous. This witty, sometimes troublesome and frustrating person, with all his personal quirks is a major artist, whose book will be right in its proper place among the other masters on our art book shelf.

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