Revising the blogroll

I realized that the list of blogs I read is out of date, so am updating.

While I occasionally look at A Way to Garden, I’d rather find a more nuts and bolts gardening site.

I’ve kept Gina Gotsill’s blog about preserving, but she needs to post more often.

It’s language like this that made me delete Bookslut from my list:

“The phrase “semantic polarities” could be profitably switched out for the drama of becoming, because this is what Ugazio describes. Everyone wants not only to acquire certain material or sensual benefits but also to become the sort of person who would acquire these benefits, and to be seen as this precise sort of person in the eyes of others.”

Of course, that’s the blog for you if you like that sort of thing.

Harriet Devine continues to be a wonderful source for book suggestions, and I still enjoy the Mark on the Wall, Lisa Jones’ poetry selections.

I’ave added a food blog with some excellent recipes, Serious Eats.

But I’ve dropped a few other literary blogs as not very interesting. I realize this leaves me with a very short list!

Any suggestions?


I’d love to hear about other good sources–yes, besides the overwhelming Facebook posts!

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