The new tax plan

Of course, it’s a nightmare.  No need to go into that–but here’s a refreshing take on it from our wonderful accountant, Glen Thomas, a fine man and an excellent accountant:

“This is absolutely the best time for CPAs in my 35 year working career. I was in my 4th year when the 1986 tax act was passed. It presented many less opportunities – mostly due to a thoughtful, bi-partisan, nearly 13 month effort that ultimately passed 93-6 in the senate.

The best part of this is that it will only last until the republicans are thrown out as it will likely pass 52-48 in the senate. And this narrow window will strongly encourage business and high net worth individuals (our clients) to act swiftly, thus driving up the demand and therefore the cost of services.”

I dream of a day when we have a thorough, thoughtful discussion and bipartisan agreement!

And if you are in need of tax help in this bewildering environment, you couldn’t do better: TYS, in Walnut Creek.

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