To order or not to order…

images-2What is seductive about Amazon, is that they have made it so very easy to order from them. From the beginning, they took the lead in smart, user friendly customer interface design. Free shipping? No problem, you and your whole family can have that for less than $100 a year. Arcane products? They carry almost everything. No more going to the store searching for something they don’t have.  And now Amazon even supports your favorite charity with fractional amounts from each purchase–their “smile” program.

Of course, the more Amazon dominates the market, the fewer stores there will be. So I feel a twinge every time I place an order. But perhaps this is just social Darwinism at work. I wonder.  I know the same concerns exist about box stores.

Maybe the world will be ok without unique retail? Or with a few specialty retail stores only? What do you think?

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