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I am lucky to live on a street where my neighbors love my rooster, in a town with good local businesses and a great Sunday Farmers’ Market, and a Fix-it Clinic, where you can bring your broken items and get help repairing them.


The first Fix-it Clinic was Sunday at the Albany Community Center.  Without much hope, I loaded my Eco-shredder into the car and trundled it down there, to stand in line with about 60 or 70 folks with broken toasters, DVD players, chain saws, and lamps.  We all went into the center at 1 pm and started learning the basics of repair: disassemble and test.

ecoshredderIn my case, we first tested the resistance to the plug–ok. Then took off the motor housing and tested each electrical connection–all ok.  Then reassembled to test the theory that the screw that holds the safety button down hadn’t been tight enough.  That was it!  My dead machine came to life, to return to chopping and shredding my piles of garden waste.

Then the organizer came over and took a photo and we shouted (at the count of three), “Fixed!” Mine was the first fix of the afternoon, and I even made the Facebook page, smiling with my repaired machine.

Sure beat shipping it off the to manufacturer.  Thank you Fix-it folk.

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  1. Look for them on Facebook–you can sign up to get an email telling you when and where the next clinic will be.

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