Seed time

I have a weakness for seed catalogs but have discovered that most seed packages contain a nearly life-time supply of seeds–except the super-specialized ones.  So I have quite a trove of seeds, all ready to plant. I look through the catalogs anyway of course, and I recently found an add for a tool that makes potting containers out of newspaper. You can see it on Youtube.  They also show some made from the centers of toilet paper or paper towel rolls, but you’d have to save these up beforehand. I’ve used egg cartons in the past, too, and always recycle any seedling containers I have.

potsIn any case, the wooden tool cost $20, so rather than order one, I took two cans (one slightly smaller diameter than the other) and basically did the same thing.  You can make pots of various sizes with different size containers. I made a bunch of containers for spring planting last week, and planted them just in time for last night’s rain.  You can pop these right in the ground after they sprout, and the newspaper will disintegrate. I hope it doesn’t disintegrate beforehand!  We’ll see.

And here’s a relevant short poem:


what’s left
after flower, leaves, stalk

lump of pure desire

even without earth
roots reach
tendrils too

I want to be
like that

Meryl Natchez

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