A murder of crows

This morning, Larry noticed a group of crows on top of the oak behind our house. They were grabbing acorns, holding them on the branch between their feet, and stabbing at them with their beaks to get to the acorn meat inside.

Larry wondered if you can’t consider that using a tool. I wondered about that noun for a group of crows, a murder of crows–which probably comes from their role as scavengers. There’s also an unkindness of ravens, a piteousness of doves, and a charm of finches. I can attest to the finches’ charm.

In fact, collective nouns are fascinating. Take a look at the list in Wikipedia.My favorite might be “a blush of boys,” though “an¬†escargatoire of snails” is good, too.

In other news, I was commenting to Larry about practicing piano that my brain understands long before my fingers learn. Larry’s comment–“Well, your brain is a lot closer to your ears.”

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