Bony Moronie

LarryLarry has been selling his vast collection of blues and jazz autographs, mostly on eBay, but also from his website.  This morning at breakfast, he was commenting on the sale of a Larry Williams autograph. In case (as for me) the name Larry Williams doesn’t signify, he was a one-hit wonder, hitting #14 on the charts in 1957 with Bony Moronie. Worth a listen even if there’s no nostalgia involved.

Larry mentioned that Williams tried to follow up with Short Fat Fannie, a song that references every hit of the period, and then Dizzy Miss Lizzie, but they never made it. They languished, but Bill Haley’s Skinny Minny made it to the top 40 in 1958.  So much for breakfast this morning.

Farm chores, kittens, and poetry have been eating the days.



2 thoughts on “Bony Moronie

  1. I remember Bony Moronie. I seem to be a small child listening to my brothers transitor radio (it was aqua blue). Music is the most powerful of all the arts, I think, because it has the power to grant time travel and instantly produces emotion.
    How many times have I heard a piece of music and broke down and cried? Many times and they are specialty tears, tears of memory, beautiful- sad blossomy tears.

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