LarryLarry was telling me how North Korea says its rockets are poised to attack Washington DC, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

“How did Austin get in there?” Larry asked. “Why not Washington, Chicago and Peoria?”

Earlier, I had been commenting on my new rooster, Cloud, who has proven to be very timid. I hadn’t seen him mount any hens, but yesterday I saw him chasing a hen, which is a good sign.

“Good,” Larry said, “At least he’s bi.”

2 thoughts on “Catalogs

  1. Just what I was thinking. A Rooster named McCloud. John Wayne, something, something. I have this lyric in my mind, on rotation: “How terribly strange to be seventeen”.

  2. Lila named him Cloud because he’s cloud colored, but McCloud definitely has the John Wayne ring. Perhaps life here just hasn’t had enough of the rugged range!

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