Travels with Larry

Larry battingAfter years when one of us had to be managing things at home–kids, work, whatever, Larry and I got used to separate vacations. But recently we traveled together to Sedona for a few days.  I remembered how much fun it is to travel with Larry.  Here are a few remarks.

When I was wondering what created the mountains that seemed to uniformly end in long broad plateaus, Larry said, “They ran into height restrictions in the building code.”

Later we were talking about how hard it is to make a living as any kind of artist, and Larry noted “Poets are lucky because they know up front that it’s hopeless.”

The scenery around Sedona is really amazing, rust red cliffs of magical shapes. Canyons and rock walls everywhere, but still green areas around the rivers. The town itself, though was almost exclusively tourist dreck of the worst sort, with an odd penchant for larger than life statues of animals, birds, and insects. Many of these were in blown glass or colorful metal. Larry wondered what the archeologists of the future would make of the two-foot mosquitos.

And finally, after an evening that featured Beatles songs on guitar as cocktail music, Larry said, “Can you imagine the reputation of the Beatles today if they’d all died in a plane crash in the mid-70’s.  What wonderful things we would have thought they would go on to do…”



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