A few New England snaps

As a complement to the cactus and succulents on Abbot Kinney, I found their New England equivalent on Huntington Avenue in Boston:

Here’s my favorite sign from Western Massachusetts–a little free publicity for Tony, in case any of you have some fresh deer to slaughter.  Along with a taste of that great fall color–I love how this tree has been sculpted around the wires:






Lots more to come, but for now, it feels great to be back home. The chickens are laying, the tomatoes are ripening, and the baby greens are sprouting.

Plus, this morning over breakfast (kale, zuccini, onions and herbs from the garden, sautéed with eggs gathered yesterday!) Larry pointed out Robert Pierpoint’s obituary, with this great photo.  It’s worth reading the article to find out the story behind it.

A great trip, and great to be back home.