Holiday card

Bolivian PepperIn past years, I’ve sent holiday cards with a short letterpress poem. But this year, thinking about all those trees and not finding a poem I felt could justify that, I decided to create an online version here.

I was nudged further in this decision by finding this short video, Landfill Harmonic (thanks to Lynn Kiesewetter), about a youth orchestra in Paraguay whose young musicians play with instruments made from trash.

Recycled violins
“The world sends us garbage. We send back music.” Fabio Chavez, Orchestra director

This theme was instrumental (I really couldn’t resist–I tried, but I think it’s genetic) in my poem selection for the season:


Lemon rind, spines
and gnawed sheaths of artichoke,
coffee grounds, stale brownies, banana peels,
pit from the peach—intractable, but
thrown in anyway. Three months later,
turning the dirt, worms squirm
in the peach pit.

Meryl Natchez

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