Poetry Monday

rainbowHow quickly the weeks roll by! I can remember lying on my great-aunt’s chaise lounge while visiting with my mother. Maybe I was 10.  I watched dust motes sift slowly down in a shaft of sun and thought life would never happen–time was standing still. But now it goes so fast it’s like the old movie image of calendar pages flashing by, dates streaming away in the wind. Which is all a prelude to a poem for Monday. I decided to use one of my own, as we finally had some rain, and in the clarity of an after-rain morning, I remembered this one. Continue reading “Poetry Monday”

Rain rain beautiful rain

Do you know that song by Ladysmith Black Mambazo? It’s been in my mind these last rainy days after such a long stretch of winter sun.  I love looking out and watching storms move over the bay.

Of course, the chickens don’t share my enthusiasm, and huddle in the roofed area around their house.

I wrote this poem almost three years ago, looking out over the bay after a long stretch of rain.


When Nietzsche said we no longer need God
because we have grammar, he was talking about

a morning like this one. The rain has finally paused
and patches of intermittent radiance play over the washed world,  Continue reading “Rain rain beautiful rain”