Olive: the movie

You may remember that for a week or so last summer, our house was host to a movie crew, and I got to meet one of my favorite actresses.  Now the movie, which I wasn’t allowed to talk about then, is out. Gena Rowlands, John Scurti (who you may know from the TV Show “Rescue Me”), and Chris Maher star, along with Ruby Alexander who plays Olive.  You can see the first five minutes here. It was frustrating that I didn’t know that its theater debut was at the Nuart in LA over the holidays.  My whole family could have gone!  Now we’ll have to wait till it appears in “a theater near us.”  Some of the scenes in the trailer and in the behind the scenes photos are at my house. This photo shows Chris and Ruby on my back deck, complete with the hose I didn’t coil up.

I hope my scene in the pet store with Gena didn’t wind up on the cutting room floor!