More transcendence

damselfliesAfter the last post, Simone sent me a report on a heron rookery, and it mentioned damsel bugs and dragon flies.  I wasn’t going to post two poems in a row, but the coincidence with this poem and its damselflies was too strong to resist.

I’m not crazy about the beginning, the old “poet looking for a subject” opener, but once it gets going, I like it a lot. That said, my friend and fellow poet likes the opening just fine. And the way  it uses nature is quite different from Mary Oliver’s poem, but the impact just as strong, I think.


I sat, as I do, in the shallows of the lake—
after crawling through the rotting milfoil on the shore.
At first
the materials offered me were not much—

just some cattails where a hidden bullfrog croaked
and a buckhouse made from corrugated tin—

at first I thought I’d have to write the poem of its vapors.
But wait
long enough and the world caves in, Continue reading “More transcendence”