Sunny Southern California

I’m on a 10-day jaunt—first LA, then Boston, New England, NY.  (And just when the pullets have really started to lay!) More about the terrific art show we went to at the Autry Museum when I’m home and can post the photos.  Meanwhile, here are a few shots from my cell phone while wandering along Abbot Kinney, in Venice (California, not Italy). I was struck by some uniquely Southern California scenes—landscapes of succulents and cactus against concrete and horizontal wood is a common theme.  This one fronts an what looked like an office building without a name.

Rusted number cans full of succulents gave this clothing store a hipster look.

And I’m not sure what’s behind the massive base of this palm.

Heading off on side streets, the posh mingles with the down and out and the just plain zany, like this southern plantation on a small city lot.

The dog was alive, btw.  And this one seemed just ironic—let’s vote for peace while we keep everyone out.

A delicious, kitschy hour in the sun.