Starting with a recipe

One of the blogs I read, Garden for the House by Kevin Lee Jacobs, often has recipes I try. This one, for zucchini fritters, is timely. Anyone who plants even one squash plant in their garden soon has more squash than they can use. In my case, I have several volunteer plants that aren’t exactly zucchini, in addition to the one zucchini I planted.

They are bountiful. Yesterday I made my second batch of zucchini fritters.  Kevin does a much more artistic job of walking you through recipes than I ever could, and I recommend  his basic recipe. I made it with gluten-free flour, which seems to require a little more flour than standard, just a couple of tablespoons. I also halve the recipe, which is makes enough fritters as a side dish for four people.

This time I added kernels from an ear of corn, half a red onion diced, and a couple of cloves of garlic. I used a bit of extra flour, and the additions made the fritters so good we had them three meals in a row. Yay, squash, keep on overwhelming me!