Fall garden

Because of the drought, I didn’t plant a summer garden, but everyone’s predicting massive rains this winter, so I turned on the irrigation and started seeds in flats. I use old plant holders or egg cartons, or anything that holds dirt. I set them in something that retains the water and keep them wet. I started these four days ago, and already I see little seed leaves from the lettuce and  zinnias.

2015-10-14 10.56.55

I soak the beans and peas and then plant them directly in the ground when they sprout.


2015-10-14 10.56.17What did I plant? Chard, three kinds of onions, carrots, lettuce, various herbs, broccoli, zinnias, snap peas, favas, and scarlet runners.The carrots are in flats that I can just tear the bottom off and stick in the ground without disturbing the seedlings. These flats were someone’s old packing material set out in the recycling.

2015-10-14 10.56.48

Because most seed packs aren’t designed for Northern California, I just plant what I’d like to have and wait and see what grows.

Someone asked me why I start from seed. I don’t always, but I find it more satisfying as well as much more economical.


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  1. I remember in kindergarten we made pots out of old milk cartons, filled them with soil and planted seeds– then put them on the window still. When they first started to grow we were so very gleeful . Seemed like a miracle.

    Cheers my friend,


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