William Burroughs, a guy with a weird imagination if there ever was one (Dr. Benway, I presume?), wore plain gray suits to preserve a certain public anonymity. I feel the same way about bumper stickers. I want my gray car to blend into the flow of traffic, unnoticed by all. Not to mention that if you have a bumper sticker on your car and then drive badly, you’re undermining whatever cause your sticker promotes. Yesterday I was cut off by Veterans for Peace, and aced out of my parking space by Keep Tahoe Blue. Not that it makes me want to turn the lake orange or declare war, but it doesn’t help. And just when I had decided never, a friend brought me this. But I think I’ll post it here and on my fridge, not on my car.

And one reason I love leftovers: Tuesday’s so-so risotto with the addition of a little onion, garlic, tomato and kale becomes Thursday’s sublime eggs.

Finally, due to unexpected rain, I had to improvise a temporary roof for the Haengekorb. As it was already raining when I got home, I threw together the fastest roof I could: an umbrella with four heavy duty black plastic bags. Luckily it wasn’t windy and seems to have kept the straw dry. Inelegant but effective.

I have assembled all the pieces for the real roof, but didn’t think there was any rush about making it as IT NEVER RAINS here in the summer. Except this year.

The roof project has now moved to the top of the list.


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  1. Ditto on the bumper stickers. Regarding the bee egg, what happens if it gets wet?

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