Internet magic

Almost two years ago, I posted about Roberto Chavez’ show at the Autry Museum in LA. As part of the post I mentioned that over 30 years ago, a gallery owner had sold a wonderful self-portrait of Roberto with a lime-green background that we had loaned to the gallery for the show. Even though it was not for sale, the unscrupulous gallery owner sold it, and although Roberto gave us another painting in its place, I never really got over it.

Two weeks ago, I got a comment on that old post from a stranger saying he thought he might have this portrait, that he had bought it in a shop in South Pasadena. It was called “Thinking About Life” and he would email me a photo to see if it was the one I meant.

Garret Keith, an artist himself, had spotted the painting,  liked it, bought it, and then researched the artist, finding my blog post. Garret paints on synthetic material and cuts and then rearranges cut pieces to shift the image (you can see his work here). He’s also a super nice guy, and after some back and forth correspondence, the very painting I’d mourned for 30 years hangs on my living room wall. What a treat to have it back:

ChavezSelfPortraitWithout the Internet, I’m sure I’d never have seen it again.

Now I’m wondering if anyone might have or know about a gold pocket watch inscribed “Casa del Natchez” that my father told me he had to pawn when growing up. If so, I’d very much like to talk to you!


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