Tips for the accident prone

It’s been a long time since I posted anything wholly practical here, so here are two first aid tips I learned this summer that have miraculous properties.

raw egg whites Egg whites for burned skin: After you cool your burn under cold water, cover the skin with slightly beaten egg white. The egg white forms a healing protective seal. If the burn starts to hurt again, reapply the egg white. It really reduces pain, and burns heal quickly.

2nd skin

A bandaid called “2nd Skin” works amazingly well for deep cuts or blisters. I took a chunk out of the bottom of my foot while camping, and put on one of these bandaids. It sealed the wound, kept it clean, and kept me pain-free while it healed, which it did in just a few days. The brand I used was called “AquaHeal.” They have special ones for blisters, too. They are expensive, but worth it!

And that’s the first aid primer for the day!


4 thoughts on “Tips for the accident prone


    Wash your face with warm water and whatever kind of soapy thing you use.
    Dry your face.
    Cover your face with egg white
    Let your face dry.
    Look at your face with egg on it. you look 30 years younger for a moment.
    Then rinse your face with cold cold water.
    Your face will look very nice a fresh, and it will feel wonderful.

    How did your poetry reading go? I tried to listen to it but I couldn’t get it
    to actually play your reading.
    Do you have a recording of it. If you did I would sure love to hear it.

  2. Great idea–anything to look fresh and feel wonderful. Tomorrow for sure! Show is tonight, and I will post the link to the podcast tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for the first aid tips…getting a new first aid kit together – guess I’ll throw in an egg or two!

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