Rising without flour

Once in awhile I see a recipe in the paper that I actually make. This one, one, a soufflé made with mashed potatoes instead of flour, is from David Tanis, a Chez Panisse chef. I happened to have the ingredients on hand, so it became last night’s dinner.

I made a few substitutions: about 1/3 of a cup of chopped greens in the place of some of the leeks (my garden is full of fresh greens right now), milk instead of cream, and gruyere not fontina (these two are alternatives in the recipe). He says to “season heavily” so I added some lemon pepper, saffron salt, and a mix of ground hot peppers. I sautéed the ham first before adding, to give it a little crispness and used a potato ricer to smooth out the mashed potato mix.  It came out looking just like the picture (except he had a fancier casserole dish!). The taste was yummy, and the texture creamy and unusual. A great soufflé for the gluten-free!

Here’s the recipe in case the NY Times link (above), expires:




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