The morning after

Yesterday I posted David Tanis’ recipe for a gluten-free soufflé using mashed potatoes. We had a lot of leftover soufflé, and remembering what Chef Mahar did with the leftover risotto, I thought leftover soufflé was similar. So I put a little butter and some almond oil (I could have used olive oil, or canola, or any oil) in a pan and fried some slices of soufflé until they were crispy on two sides. Meanwhile, I made a green salad, with a a few cherry tomatoes, some bitter greens from the garden, some romaine from the farmer’s market, and a few miscellaneous slices of avocado and mango.  I served the crispy soufflé on a bed of salad, and we have soufflé al salto:


A yummy lunch, and no more leftovers. Larry said it was all my practice with similes that gave me this idea.

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