Two quick chicken recipes

Optimized-2016-01-20 18.26.38Once in awhile, it seems like I take whatever is in the fridge and create something tasty. The other night it was leftover rice, a few chicken thighs, some butternut squash, mushrooms, onions, fennel, and green beans. I sautéed the onions and fennel with a little garlic and some spices, added the mushrooms and then set them aside and browned the chicken in the same pan. I layered a pan with the sautéed vegetables and rice, put the chicken and chunks of squash on top and added a bit of chicken stock. I baked them for about twenty-five minutes. While they were baking I lightly sautéed the green beans in the same sauce pan, and then sprinkled them on top. A yummy dinner in less than an hour. Worth saving the idea to make again.

Optimized-2016-01-13 18.06.23The same week I tried a stir-fry with chicken thighs based on my friend Tung’s instructions. Roll the meat in cornstarch, and set aside. Chop a few vegetables (I used onions and mushrooms). Heat oil in a wok with some sliced ginger and garlic. Remove the ginger and garlic as they brown and add the chicken. Cook till just tender, and set aside. Add the vegetables and stir a few minutes. Add the chicken back in with a splash of fish sauce and chinese vinegar. I threw in a few snap peas and  a little chicken stock. However you say “voilà” in Chinese, can now be said.

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