Morning meander

Foggy Berkeley summer mornings abet the lazy web discovery process. What a treasure the internet is. How delicious that the military invented it, didn’t really know what to do with it, and gave it to us.

Here is a short poem I found on Samizdat Blog this morning by Robert Kroetsch:

A lemon is almost round.
Some lemons are almost round.
A lemon is not round.

So much for that.

This led me to search for his work at UC Library and reserve several items for pickup Monday. His date of death (June 21, 2011), still an open dash in the library catalog, is already updated on Wikipedia!

For those of you who cut recipes from the newspaper and actually cook them, here’s a winner from Wednesday’s NY Times that I made to use the plethora of peas bursting from the garden. I used a small Thai chili and three kinds of peas (snap, snow, and English) as that’s what I had, but otherwise followed the recipe almost exactly. Couldn’t resist adding a squeeze of lemon at the end. It was cut and on the counter…

And for those within shopping distance of Berkeley Bowl, you can get fresh turmeric, black mustard seeds, and even Kaffir lime leaves there.


3 thoughts on “Morning meander

  1. Here is my irrelevant haiku response to Kroetsch’s poem.
    I made this observation after putting a bowl of lemons in my cubicle at work and then replacing them with apples (something people could actually eat) the next day. The result…

    A bowl of lemons
    Drew more praise and smiles
    Than sweet green apples

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