Net zero

messy-closet-jpgA friend told me that she has a net zero policy when it comes to clothing purchases–for every new thing she buys, something must go: net zero. In my case, this has turned out to be pretty easy to follow. I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores because I hate spending money on clothes and because I’m always running out to the garden or chickens or cooking something, getting stains on whatever I’m wearing.

Last week I went on an all afternoon thrift event with some friends and came home with six new items. Four stained t-shirts immediately left my closet, along with two very nice things that I never wear. These last two will be something wonderful for someone else to find at the thrift store. And it felt great! On the other hand, I doubt I could ever do this with books!

Also, as an update to Thursday’s post, Larry is not just on this year’s Creaker All Star team, he made the Century All Star Team (2000-2015) as an alternate. His comment, “I had a good year, and Creakers have short memories.”

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