Driving around yesterday, Larry was moved to comment by a vanity license plate on the car in front of us (which happened to be a Cadillac).  “A vanity plate is the ultimate low-class affectation. I’m sure there are no brown, four-year old Plymouths driving around with vanity plates.”

I pointed out that there are no four-year old Plymouths at all driving around. The equivalent would be a Ford or maybe a Chevy. (Now that I think about it, maybe a Honda Civic.)

“The Plymouth is just a generic term,” Larry said. “You either know what it means or you don’t.” If you don’t, you can find out here.

His corollary to the vanity plate: “The subtext of all bumper stickers is ‘I am politically impotent.’ ”

As you may guess, no bumper stickers or vanity plates around here.

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