New kids on the block

Two new male kittens have converted even Larry…
Optimized-Pollux and PangerOptimized-Larry and Pollux

When I asked Larry, “How come he chose your lap when I feed and care for them?” He answered

“Don’t you know the more aloof you are, the more desirable?”


4 thoughts on “New kids on the block

  1. Oh, good question. When Gecko died last year, I decided I would get kittens in the spring. I searched for some specific criteria: I wanted siblings that had been with their mother at least eight weeks, one of whom was orange, and both of whom seemed to like people. Looking through Craigs’ List with Lila on Facetime, we selected these, and I went and checked them out and brought them home (a 66 mile round trip). I had a rather inadequate cage for them, and they rode for about 28 of the miles home in my lap. Nine weeks old, and of course, adorable.

  2. Excellent Cat Criterion.
    Next time around I will take this page from your book.
    Ghoster (Dr. Kitredge) came to us by chance. I love him, but
    he’s a rambler and a gambler and a sweet talking ladies man……
    He has a wide radius, which I am but a weigh station a few times a day.
    I must except his freelance take on life. But I long for the
    warmth of my departed cat, Cheater, you knew she needed you, for warmth-
    some kind of companionship, but not the very important Ghoster, how well I named him.
    Plus little did I know he would keep doctors hours.
    Apologies to Joni Mitchell

  3. Yes, those rambling cats are tough… They love you and leave you… everyday! But you know, it’s kitten season.

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