Of stockmen and stock markets

Stockman's holtelIn an email exchange, a friend who is attending the Cowboy Poetry Festival in Elko Nevada, mentioned that she is staying at the Stockman’s Hotel.

“I’m assuming that’s not a name that was decided on by a marketing agency, so I’m bracing myself for lots of weak coffee, overfluffed potatoes, and modern day stockmen,” she wrote.

Larry replied, “Times have changed. You might find that today’s stockmen drink green tea and go to morning yoga classes.”

On the same day, the NY Times headline read:

Public Returns to Stock Market; Rise in New Accounts Reported

Chrlie BrownLarry looked up and said “I can’t help thinking that Charlie Brown’s about to try to kick the football again.”

stock chartThe point, which he needed to explain to me, is that the market is at a five-year high.

“The public didn’t like it at half its current price. So now, once again, they’re going to try to get in at the top.”


2 thoughts on “Of stockmen and stock markets

  1. Man, what would we do without the Larry’s and Charlie’s of this world? I guess it might be alright, except for the fact that my knowledge of this world would be cut by half, and I always try to get in at the top.

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