Theft and recovery

Larry battingOn Tuesday, Larry went to his softball game where his team discovered that someone had used a bolt cutter to break open the equipment shed and stolen the defibrillator and first aid kit. An odd theft.

The Creaker League has a defibrillator at each field, and will now have to store them in one spot, and gather them before each game.

But yesterday, the Walnut Creek police found the defibrillator while making an arrest on other charges. They came to the Creaker Leadership Team to verify the serial number, etc. Larry used to be a member of the Leadership Team, but his term was up at the end of last season.

“Well, maybe they should just leave the defibrillators where they are. ” I said after hearing about this. “I mean, how likely is this to happen again? And would it make up for the hassle of gathering them up each time before a game?”

Larry shrugged, put on his Freddy Prinze face, and said “Is not my job.”

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