Trends and jokes

LarryLarry’s been making dozens of funny comments lately, and I keep thinking I’ll remember them and post them later. You know how that goes.

But yesterday, he related a joke about a dead donkey (that pairing of words itself is pretty funny):

Two men pay $100 for a donkey, but when they go to get it, the donkey is dead. The farmer offers to give them their money back, but they take it anyway. Later, they see the farmer and says again how sorry he is about the dead ¬†donkey. They say, “No, no, we sold him for $998.”

“How did you do that?” the farmer asks.

“We sold raffle tickets for $2 each.”

“Didn’t people complain about the donkey being dead?”

“Only the winner complained, so we gave him his $2 back.”

Larry’s comment: “I think Wall Street has been selling a lot of dead donkeys lately.”

2 thoughts on “Trends and jokes

  1. I think Larry is on to something. Mendacity excites the air from Wall Street to Vatican City.

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