Youth is cruel

Larry just came in to tell me that Hugh Heffner’s 25-year-old fiance has jilted him. Apparently, she was just using him. Larry sez: It’s really cruel to use someone who has done nothing but give all his life.

2 thoughts on “Youth is cruel

  1. Poor Hef.

    Perhaps you can write a poem about the cruel nature of youth. Perhaps I will. How’s this:
    I was once you
    smooth and coy, all knowing
    flitting here and there with little thought
    of the souls I touched and left.
    For years I was you
    and then
    like a child ripped from sleep by a rushing parent
    I was old; older anyway
    my bones popped and creaked when I stretched
    and there were things I couldn’t do anymore —
    like sit cross-legged and play cards on a blanket.
    My friends started dying
    my hair started to gray
    and soon I cared very deeply about the lives I entered and exited.
    One day you will too.

  2. The second poem posted by blog readers–such courage is admirable. I’m pleased to inspire it in any way!

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