Larry battingLarry had a great softball game yesterday. He hit for the cycle, that means a single, double, triple and home run in one game.  He caught everything playable, and had five hits and seven RBI’s.  This was his writeup on the Creakers’ web page:

“For the hard fought victory, the major domo big banger award goes to Larry, Mr. BeBop, Basher who hit for the cycle Plus….a crushed homer to deep left, a ringing triple, (2) doubles and a single driving in a bevy of runs.” Continue reading “Bragging”

Larry and The Creakers

Larry belongs to an over 65 softball league, called The Creakers. They play every week, have a website, and a lot of fun.  Here’s a typical email exchange:

Fred:   I have a watch that was found in the parking lot adjacent to HF 3/4. Describe it and it is yours.

Larry: It was a gold Rolex with an inscription that said, “I’ll love you madly forever.   Lolita”

Fred: Close.