New chicks

It’s like Christmas morning when new chicks arrive. I ordered a new breed, called Cukoo Bluebars, in February, and Tuesday morning, five baby chicks arrived, shipped USPS overnight from Ohio.

I had a brooder all ready for them, and they’ll spend the first two weeks inside before moving to the outdoor brooder.

It’s hard to see what they look like under the heat lamp, but they look like the picture from mypetchicken, where they came from.

They are cheeping away, eating and drinking, and seemingly contented in their new home, which is in my office. So I tap the keyboard, they cheep, and I hope they like my music!

And speaking of chicks, or not exactly, Mary Ruefle’s newest book (booklet?), On Imagination, she has a nice passage on Ukrainian Easter Eggs, and the fact they they don’t remove the egg from the shell before adding the design. The egg inside dries and they turn into egg rattles. I can’t get enough of Mary’s imagination.

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