Poetry Monday

This poem is from Poetry Sunday, in Women’s Voices for Change, a great resource. Usually hosted by Rebecca Foust, the Marin County Poet Laureate, this week’s selection is from another local poet, Susan Cohen. There are three other poems by Agi Mishol, an Israeli poet, on the site, and a brief biography of the author.

For Now

The days resemble one another.
The cat’s sharp claws rest
deep within her paws.

In the yard the dogs
gnaw on a rabbit’s skull.
My shadow extends, grows

long. At night the stars exit
their kennel. I listen to the barking
but have no answer.

Spring is putting on its makeup
under the soil.

Agi Mishol, translated by Joanna Chen
From Less Like a Dove

2 thoughts on “Poetry Monday

  1. I love this poem. Even if it had only the first three lines I would love it, maybe more, but definitely not less.

    Good Evening my friend!

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